I've been quite disappeared lately (huh, actually three months!). Being finishing my career (translation and interpreting aka spend all day going crazy with endless interpretations and translations) is quite guilty of this.
But so is that I need to look for what I want to do with this blog.
I want to create a kind of community where I can share some bits of 'my life', although it is true that I tend to jealously guard my privacy. But I think I can create a generous and healthy space, to share the things that form me.
I read blogs for a very long time, but I always have done it from the sidelines of the reader, and though I 'tried' the blogger side, I have never felt really comfortable with that role.
Now I dare, yes. But, how?

I have deleted the previous blog entries because I have the feeling that they looked a little forced. I want to start with a blank page.

Do you want to accompany me?

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  1. Restart! Just go with the flow and write about whatever feels right for you. Afterall it's your personal project.
    Best of luck and tons of fun xx